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Air heating

Air heating systems are widely used for heating the dwelling houses, homesteads and workrooms in the USA and Canada.

The experts of our enterprise has designed and installed such systems in Ukraine for over 10 years. Public buildings (shops, business centers, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets) and private houses with living area over 100 square meters are among the objects, in which such systems run faultlessly today. The air heating system installation is possible in new constructions , as well as in the existing buildings.

Principle of operation

Gas-fired boiler is the heart of the system, in which the combustion gases transfer gas combustion heat directly to air through the heat exchanger. The external air of the room is taken through the intake grid, passed through the filter and gets into the heat exchanger, where it gets warm. The warm and purified air is transported by ventilator through the system of air channels and is equally spread in the room from inlet grids. This cycle repeats constantly, while fresh air is admixed to reach the specified temperature of the thermostat.

The significant advantage of such system is the ability of using the system of air channels for cooling the room air during hot seasons. It is enough to install a special conditioner for this purpose.

Moreover, the system does not comprise any water circuit, which prevents freezing in case of boiler stopping in winter and saves the gas due to the fast warming-up of the room air without the expenses for warming up the radiators and the water in them. In some cases this fact allows to save up to 50% of fuel material. In addition, there is a possibility to admix up to 20 % of fresh air to the recirculation air, which is sufficient for ventilation. Another advantage of such systems is the possibility of designing the external installation (Roof-top), which does not require a separate room and can be installed outside the building or on the roof.


Thus, one system consisting of air channels (conducted behind the ceiling, under the floor, in the walls or under the ceiling) and the equipment (installed in a technical room or outside the building) can perform five different functions simultaneously, including purifying and humidifying. Such combination allows talking about the most advantageous price-quality relationship.

Comparing the costs of building air heating using gas, using the heat pump and wood fired