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Conditioning is the complex of systems, designed for creation of optimal microclimatic conditions for life activity of people.

It incorporates all the systems of treatment and conditioning of internal room air (ventilation, cooling, purifying, humidifying, drying etc.). The conditioning systems can combine several functions at the same time, or have each function separately.

A conditioner has become habitual in everyday life, performing a function of air cooling. However, today even the simplest conditioners provide the set of different facilities for the improvement of the internal environment of a flat (purification, ionization, extraneous odors removing etc.). Moreover, an up-to-date conditioner can be adapted to the room interior or places outside the room, and the invertor technologies, used in conditioner manufacturing, guarantee energy saving and noise minimization.

The essential condition of the error-free performance of a conditioner is its correct installation and further operation. That is why this is a task to be fulfilled by a specialist.

The experts of our enterprise offer the installation of conditioners of the leading world manufacturers, such as Daikin, McQuay, Carrier, Tempstar, that have showed themselves to good advantage on the market.


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