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Команда ПП "ЯрТа"

This page is for those who wish to live in comfortable environment, have the opportunity to adjust the room microclimate to their likings, health and not to depend on the caprices of the weather. YarTa private enterprise offers its services in projecting, fabrication and installation of ventilation, conditioning and air heating systems, and provides warranty and after-sales services.

Due to the qualification of engineers, high quality work of the workers and good government of the directorate you will receive up-to-date, failsafe and saving environmental control systems.

We guarantee cool in summer hit, heating in bitter frost and freshness all year long!

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Ventilation ensures the air renewal in the room, removing heat, moisture, harmful and other substance excess to maintain the comfortable parameters of the internal air.
Many people associate ventilation with extractor fan, so to say, installation of powerful extractor fan will guarantee the good ventilation. However, this point of view is mistaken. The comprehensive approach is essential for the good ventilation. If only one extraction fan is installed in a premise, the rarity will establish causing the ingress of untreated external air through leakages of external covers.


Conditioning is the complex of systems, designed for creation of optimal microclimatic conditions for life activity of people.
It incorporates all the systems of treatment and conditioning of internal room air (ventilation, cooling, purifying, humidifying, drying etc.). The conditioning systems can combine several functions at the same time, or have each function separately.

Air heating

Air heating systems are widely used for heating the dwelling houses, homesteads and workrooms in the USA and Canada.
The experts of our enterprise has designed and installed such systems in Ukraine for over 10 years. Public buildings (shops, business centers, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets) and private houses with living area over 100 square meters are among the objects, in which such systems run faultlessly today. The air heating system installation is possible in new constructions , as well as in the existing buildings.