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Ventilation ensures the air renewal in the room, removing heat, moisture, harmful and other substance excess to maintain the comfortable parameters of the internal air.

Many people associate ventilation with extractor fan, so to say, installation of powerful extractor fan will guarantee the good ventilation. However, this point of view is mistaken. The comprehensive approach is essential for the good ventilation. If only one extraction fan is installed in a premise, the rarity will establish causing the ingress of untreated external air through leakages of external covers.

This will cause draughts, cold, significant temperature differences in the room. To eliminate these defects, the inlet air must be preliminarily treated (heated, purified or cooled during cold seasons). Such air treatment can be carried out only provided its centralized supply with forced advancing through the inlet systems.

In general, you will need the professional assistance for the correct selection and estimation of ventilation system. When designing and installing ventilation systems the specialists of our enterprise use the equipment of the leading foreign and domestic manufacturers, distributed in Ukraine under such well-known brands as Systemair, Ventrex, Asys, Remak, VBM-clima, Interconditioner etc.


Due to our good cooperation with the suppliers of the mentioned equipment in Ukraine, we have an opportunity to offer you the real prise for equipment of the appropriate quality.